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Tutorial: Use Streetmix to create a 3DStreet scene

Welcome to the tutorial "Use Streetmix to create a 3DStreet scene." This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a street in Streetmix, importing it into 3DStreet, and then creating a 3D perspective image of your street that you can share with others.

This tutorial takes most people at least 15 minutes to complete if you are getting started for the first time and do not already have a Streetmix account or experience using 3DStreet.

To complete this tutorial you will need a desktop browser on a recent Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with a standard high-speed Internet connection, we recommend at least 500 kilobytes per second or higher. Unfortunately, mobile devices and low-power computing devices such as Google Chromebooks are not supported at this time.

What are we making?

When you finish this tutorial, you will have a beautiful 3D scene of your Streetmix street inside of the 3DStreet Editor. This tutorial will guide you through creating a Streetmix account, signing into that account, creating a street, and then importing that street into 3DStreet.

Screenshot of the layers panel in 3DStreet Editor.

Streetmix is a collaborative civic engagement platform for urban design that allows you to design, remix, and share your neighborhood street. With Streetmix, you can create, remix, save, and collaborate on cross section views of streets by dragging and dropping street segments, changing the size and order of these segments, and choosing variants for each segment.

Streetmix and 3DStreet are separate projects and are not directly related to each other, but 3DStreet does support importing Streetmix streets. Both projects are open-source AGPL licensed projects encouraging collaborative design of safer streets.

How can I get help?

For 3DStreet Editor, click the ? icon on the lower left corner of the app. This will open up the help section. There are two sections Keyboard Shortcuts to find how to use the key functions and essential functions to use important functions in the app.

If you more help with 3DStreet, join our 3DStreet Discord server linked in the footer of this page. For Streetmix assistance, refer to Streetmix's Community page with links to their Discord.

Let's get started

In the next step, we'll show you how to create a Streetmix account. If you already have a Streetmix account you can login and skip ahead to the step after, Creating or Remixing a Street in Streemix.