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3D Tiles Demo Scene

16th St & South Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA - 3DStreet layers mixed with 3d tiles drone photogrammetry to visualize community-proposed alternatives.

Animated Example

A basic demonstration of animated people and vehicles.

Streetmix Demo Scene

This starter scene allows you to import any Streetmix scene by pasting its URL.

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3DStreet in the News

The San Francisco Standard

Introducing the ‘Burrito Plan,’ One Way to Safety on Valencia Street

There is no enforcement against vehicles blocking bike lanes, even across the street from the Mission police station.

What if I told you I have come up with a solution that is better for bikes and businesses?

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia needs to manage the return of the car as the pandemic subsides

So far, the message to motorists seems to be: C’mon back. But Philadelphia needs to retain the public space clawed back from the automobile during the pandemic.

Original article (paywall)

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