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Bring stakeholders to "Yes!" and reduce risk of cancellation and delays with community-led, rapid prototyping from 3DStreet.

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How are we different?

One unique simple tool

Our powerful yet user-friendly 3DStreet Editor tool allows you to effortlessly bring your street design ideas to life. With intuitive features and a straightforward interface, you can easily create stunning and impactful street designs that contribute to a safer and greener world.


Infinitely collaborative software

Collaboration is at the heart of our 3DStreet tool. Connect and work with others, whether it's fellow designers, community members, or city planners. Share ideas, gather feedback, find inspiration, and collectively create street designs that truly reflect the needs and aspirations of your community.


Batteries included

Kickstart your original designs with 3DStreet's built-in library of over 200 unique and accurately scaled urban 3D models such as pedestrians, vehicles, buildings, street objects, and more. Automated smart Layers accelerate the creation of street elements by combining pre-made segments for sidewalks, parking stalls, bike lanes, railways, BRT corridors, and more.


Open and transparent

Unlike most geospatial and civil engineering design software, 3DStreet is open-source and user-created. Instead of locking you into proprietary formats, 3DStreet plays nicely with others to allow importing and exporting standards-compliant formats such as glTF, SVG, JSON, JPEG, PNG, Streetmix, and more.


How to get involved

A safer greener world begins with you. Join our thriving, growing community to get involved. Partner with other like minded individuals or blaze your own trail. The only limit is your imagination.


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