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3DStreet Overview

Welcome to the 3DStreet documentation.

3DStreet is an open-source web-based 3D platform to create and share highly detailed street scenes. The 3DStreet organization is a mission-based project to provide more accessible street planning tools for users of diverse ages and abilities. Learn more about the 3DStreet organization's mission here.

You can explore new scenes with 3DStreet Viewer or design new scenes with 3DStreet Editor. A quick way to get started is to import a street from Streetmix and instantly generate a 3DStreet scene that you can modify and build from. This step-by-step tutorial guides you through this process in 15 minutes or less.

Screenshot of 3 different camera perspectives from 3DStreet Editor.

You can customize your street scene to match any configuration. Use 3DStreet Editor tools to modify, add, or clone objects to match an exisiting or future street configuration. Check out the introductory Editor docs to learn the basic capabilities.

You can share your creation with others, or spice it up by importing into other apps. Take instant snapshots to share on social media, or export your entire detailed scene to use in other 3D rendering apps.