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Create or Remix a Street in Streetmix

Screenshot of the layers panel in 3DStreet Editor.

What is remixing?

A Streetmix street is a cross-section visualization of a street. Remixing is the process of copying an existing street and making your own changes, or "remixing." Other users can save and send any other public Streetmix street to be remixed or altered to create a new draft of a street scene.

Quick tips on how to make a Streetmix street

Toolbar palette

Use the toolbar to select components to add to your street like lanes, people, and objects.

Animated gif screenshot of Streetmix toolbar

Drag and drop

Drag and drop components with mouse to add or take away from your streets.

Animated gif screenshot of dragging and dropping a toolbar item into a Streetmix street


Relocate components by dragging with the cursor horizontally to desired location on the street lineup.

Animated gif screenshot of swapping street segments in Streetmix


Many components have a variety of options by choosing available variations or swatches to customize the selection.

Animated gif screenshot of selecting variants in the segment swatch popup menu in Streetmix

Resize Segments

Resize component segments by using arrows or entering manually by clicking and entering a numerical amount with keyboard.

Animated gif screenshot of resizing a street segment in Streetmix

Try it out!

Here are some links to example streets to remix to start with. Just click to follow any of the links below to start remixing the street: