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Creating a Streetmix Account

Streetmix is a collaborative civic engagement platform for urban design that allows you to design, remix, and share your neighborhood street.

Why do you need a Streetmix account?

Currently 3DStreet does not operate independently, it requires you to load a file from Streetmix. In order for you to save a street in Streetmix, you must create an account to acquire a link for a saved street. (If you already have a Streetmix account, continue to the next step.)

How to create a Streetmix account

There are two ways to create a Streetmix account:

  1. Enter your email which prompts a confirmation. From here check your email and follow instructions. or
  2. Sign in with your Google account.

Screenshot of the layers panel in 3DStreet Editor.

Let the fun begin

Now that you have an account, let's get creative and make a street of your own in the next step.