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Rapid Prototyping Service

The Problem

Visualizing a project is a fundamental part of proper planning, citizen engagement and presenting bold new ideas before having final designs. However, services associated with these visualizations are expensive, time-consuming and difficult to manage.

We've heard from users that despite the amazing automation features provided by 3DStreet, sometimes they don't have the time to create and modify intricate scene details to meet upcoming deadlines.

What is R.P.S?

R.P.S. is a groundbreaking service from 3DStreet transforming the way communities reimagine their urban spaces. Our mission is to facilitate rapid, inclusive, and sustainable street design prototyping at zero-to-low cost for governments, civil society and other urban stakeholders. Get started now with a brief consultation call, or read more about the service options below.

Service Options


Quickly and effortlessly create before-and-after scenes of a street or block. We provide the tools; you bring your vision to life. Simple, step-by-step instructions make urban redesign accessible to all, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the transformed spaces.


Enhance the quality of real-life visualization with cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) tools. Empower stakeholders to visualize proposed changes more clearly to see what their street or block could become.

Receive Prototypes and Renderings Usable in Later Stages

Deliverables include “Before” and “After” scenes of a street or block in 2D (from various perspectives such as plan view, side view, etc), 3D view (from various perspectives) which can be exported in 3D and 2D vector file formats for use in later design stages.

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