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User Personas

We try to design 3DStreet to meet the needs of people aspiring to improve their community. To more easily plan for developing features that serve user needs it helps to formalize personas that represent these users which we do here on this page. These User Personas are imperfect definitions, don't take them too seriously and feel free to suggest new ones.

Creators and Viewers

We separate our 3DStreet application user personas into 2 separate buckets depending on their primary job to be done:


A creator makes content to share with others using 3DStreet. They may be importing a scene from Streetmix or generating one from scratch.

3DStreet “Creator” personas exist on a spectrum from everyday community advocates to professional civil engineers. Our primary persona that we serve with 3DStreet is an Advocate Creator who is passionate and motivated to improve their local community but may not have professional urban planning or civil engineering experience.


A viewer consumes content created by 3DStreet. They may be viewing a scene in the app directly, or more likely watching a video or seeing an image generated by 3DStreet.

3DStreet “Viewer” personas exist on a spectrum from an everyday neighbor who lives near a proposed project to a city staff member or an elected official who may be asked to make decisions regarding the project. The Decisionmaker Viewer is 3DStreet’s secondary user persona (after Advocate Creators) whose professional role puts them in a position to approve, deny, change, or otherwise influence a proposed project.

All Personas

Our 4 key personas, starting with highest priority, PLUS a NEW fifth developer support persona!

Advocate (Creator)

Example Roles: Advocate, non-profit staff, students, urban planning enthusiasts, amateur planners or engineers, players of other simulation video games

Decision Maker (Viewer)

Example Roles: Elected official, agency director, board member, political team staff

General Public (Viewer)

Example Roles: neighbor, community member, resident of the same metro area as creator

Professional Engineer (Creator)

Example Roles: Professional Engineer at an Agency, Planners, communications teams, research and graduate studies, other agency staff


Example Roles: Web developer, 3D technical artist, A-Frame or three.js library user, Blender artist, AR/VR/Geospatial developer, game developer, project contributor