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Primary Short-Term Metrics

In our journey to make street planning fun and accessible, we believe in the power of using data to inform and drive our decisions. We closely observe certain key metrics to gauge our performance and improve your experience.

  1. Total Number of Accounts Created Over Time: This is a clear indicator of how many users are finding value in 3DStreet, choosing to join our community, and embark on the exciting journey of creating safer streets.

  2. Total Number of Scenes Saved Over Time: Each time you save a scene, it tells us that you've made tangible progress in your design exploration. It's an action that signals meaningful engagement with our tool.

  3. Total Number of Scenes Modified Over Time: Modification of scenes demonstrates your active involvement in iterating designs and refining ideas - essentials for any creative process.

  4. Total Number of Scenes Shared Over Time: Sharing scenes signifies not just personal satisfaction but also an intent to inspire others or solicit feedback. It hints at the sense of community we strive for at 3DStreet.

Long-Term Metrics

Our very long-term goal is to reduce deaths from traffic violence and reduce negative externalities of motor vehicles on humans and the environment. It's unlikely for us to be able to make a direct impact on these important goals in the short-term, so we focus on earlier indicators such as improve street design and sharing.