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Legal Entity

3DStreet's legal entity is structured as a single-member limited liability company registered in the great State of California created and owned by Kieran Farr. 3DStreet has been self-funded to date with no outside investors.

Intellectual Property

3DStreet LLC is the owner of the intellectual property of 3DStreet repositories such as 3DStreet/3dstreet and 3DStreet/3dstreet-editor as well as the 3DStreet brand trademark and domain names. Each repository may have its own license governing the use of said repository such as AGPL, Creative Commons, etc.

Long-term Orientation

While 3DStreet is not a certified B Corporation, we do aspire to a similar tenets to run our organization to optimize positive long-term external benefits instead of solely focusing on short-term immediate shareholder value. Our very long-term goal is to reduce deaths from traffic violence and reduce negative externalities of motor vehicles on humans and the environment, but we focus on shorter-term goals to guide day-to-day project development.