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Brand Voice

Explorer brand persona

To help guide contributor messaging, we have worked to define a "persona" to the 3DStreet brand: based on the "Explorer" brand persona, 3DStreet is dedicated to inspiring change, aspiring to be a beacon of authenticity, curiosity, adventure and independence as it collectively works to reimagine a safer, greener world for all.

As an Explorer persona brand, it aims to exude toughness and resilience while remaining approachable and all-embracing, guiding everyone on the path forward.

With a sharp focus on simplicity and inclusivity, 3DStreet continually showcases its capabilities by bringing people together and inviting them to partake in the narrative.

Here are the six tone-tenants for how messaging should sound and feel:

  • Inspiring: Message should uplift, guide and motivate tonaly, encouraging individuals to pursue self-discovery and positive change.
  • Authentic: It should convey a sense of genuineness and sincerity, reflecting the brand's commitment to authenticity and honesty.
  • Resilient: The tone should suggest bravery, strength and determination, emphasizing the brand's ability to overcome challenges and forge new paths.
  • Inclusive: The tone should be welcoming to a wide range of people and perspectives, ensuring that everyone feels empowered and involved in the brand's narrative.
  • Empowering: The tone should give individuals a sense of agency and the belief that they can make a difference, contributing to safer, greener streets and a better world.
  • Playful: The tone should occasionally convey a playful tone, encouraging exploration and positively reinforcing participation.