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Select and Move Objects

In Editor you can select and move objects.

  • Select an object

    • Click on the object
    • When you see that it has a blue outline around it, it is selected
      Animated gif of a user selecting an object in 3DStreet Editor.
  • Move an object

    • Once an object is selected you will see a set of colorful arrows that will indicate directions to slide the selection
      Animated gif of a user moving an object using 3DStreet Editor.

    • Objects are on an x,y,z axis

      • Click on blue arrow to slide selection on the z axis (towards yourself)
      • Click on red arrow to slide selection on the x axis (left/right)
      • Click on green arrow to slide selection on the y axis (up/down)
      • The arrows turn yellow when hovered over, they also have a yellow square to indicate domains between the arrows, the arrows and squares are simply responsive domains that correspond to the axis selected
      • The object will then be placed in the location and once you click to another object it will stay in the desired location