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Saving from 3DStreet Editor

Scenes can be saved while in 3DStreet Editor for later use as either a PNG screenshot image or glTF file so they can be shared or used later.

Capture screenshot as a PNG file

The quickest way to share your 3DStreet creation with others is to capture a screenshot. PNG image files can be shared on any social media, email or chat app.

Animated gif of a user capturing a screenshot in 3DStreet Editor.

To capture a screenshot with 3DStreet Editor as a PNG file:

  • Click the purple camera button in the upper-right hand corner
  • Wait a moment
  • A PNG file of the current camera view is downloaded to your local downloads folder

Save scene as a glTF file

glTF is a standardized file format for three dimensional scenes and models. glTF stands for Graphics Language Transmission Format.

Saving your scene as a glTF allows you to import your 3DStreet scene into other 3D software such as Blender, Unity, or Unreal to add photorealistic rendering and custom interactable elements.

Animated gif of a user saving a scene to a gltf file using 3DStreet Editor.

To export a scene from 3DStreet Editor as a glTF file:

  • In the right hand corner of Editor mode click the purple “Save” button
  • Once clicked it will show the “glTF model” option
  • Click and wait a moment for the file to download to your local downloads folder
  • The file will end in a .glb extension to indicate it is a binary glTF file that contains all scene data wrapped in one file