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3DStreet Editor

Screenshot of the 3DStreet Editor application with user interface elements for modifying a street scene.

The 3DStreet Editor is a tool that allows you to edit and modify components of a 3DStreet scene. With the Editor tool you can import designs from tools like Streetmix or create new original designs.

  • Allows users to view street scene from multiple perspectives
  • Loads scenes made previously in 3DStreet or import from Streetmix
  • Select and unselect layers to inspect or edit position and other attributes
  • Inspect and alter component properties with precise values using the property panel
  • Export a glTF file for further editing and rendering in professional 3D applications
  • Capture PNG screenshot of a the current viewport

This collection of documentation provides examples of how to use the Editor to create, modify and export 3DStreet scenes.