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Partner Spotlight: Zade's Contributions to 3DStreet in 2023

· 3 min read
Kieran Farr
Ivan Denysyuk

2023 marks a significant year for 3DStreet, made possible through our talented community of contributors both volunteer and paid. Zade Agency fits in the latter category as a software development team for-hire based in Ukraine. Over the past year Zade emerged as a major boost to our development productivity and I wanted to share how their contributions have helped 3DStreet in a critical time for the organization.

The Challenge for 3DStreet

To meet our timeline for a public beta launch of 3DStreet Editor in 2023, we faced several challenges. A primary concern was the gap in React expertise among our existing development team. While we are skilled in various aspects, existing React knowledge was crucial for implementing deep and rapid modifications to 3DStreet Editor which is a heavily modified version of the A-Frame inspector.

Additionally, as a self-funded project we have very real budgetary constraints making it imperative to optimize every resource.

Zade's Solution to Boost React Development

We found Zade through a direct personal referral via our designer Daria Dombrovska. Zade immediately brought a wealth of React knowledge through their team of both senior and junior engineers, filling the crucial skill gap in our team.

As a self-trained software developer myself, I worked directly with a senior engineer at the beginning to confirm our architectural approaches and details of our tech stack. I also worked with our account manager to agree on the use of GitHub Projects, issues, and PRs to manage our working relationship.

For day-to-day tasks I create GitHub issues that are prioritized in Projects and tackled via a junior engineer who is mentored by the experienced staff. Even as a junior engineer, they have way more experience in React fundamentals than I do given my rather myopic focus on A-Frame and three.js development over the past decade.

2023 Highlight: Launching 3DStreet Cloud

One of the most notable achievements in 2023 was the launch of 3DStreet Cloud, a React application using Firebase Firestore on Google Cloud Platform.

3DStreet Cloud is the foundation of the growth engine of the 3DStreet Editor product -- it is the system that allows our users to collaborate on safe street designs and fulfill our core mission.

Zade: Empowering Startups with React Expertise

Now it's time for the pitch, because the Zade team deserves it!

Are you an early-stage startup founder needing flexible React development solutions? Zade specializes in helping launch new startups and accelerating growth for existing ones. Their unique ecosystem is tailor-made for product development in the startup world.

Zade's Offerings:

  • LaunchKit: A program designed to bring your vision to life within a month.
  • Integrated Team: Seamlessly scale your startup with Zade's integrated design and development team.

Special Offer for 3DStreet Community: While there's no such thing as a free lunch in contract development, Zade extends a special offer to the 3DStreet community. Mention 3DStreet to receive a 15% discount on your first month with Zade – a deal that might just be more valuable than a few gourmet lunches, depending on your project's scale.

Connect with Zade

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Zade at, or contact me directly for an introduction. Let's embark on a journey of innovation and growth together with Zade's expert team!