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Three.js Contractor Opportunity

3DStreet is seeking a part-time three.js mentor and code reviewer

3DStreet is an open-source web-based 3d street viewer and editor. It is a mission-based project to encourage safer and human-centered streets by providing simple street editing tools with features similar to commercial software at no / low price for non-professional users and youth. Our stack is A-Frame, three.js, and React based on a modified version of the A-Frame Inspector.

We have a diverse team of contributors working on a paid and volunteer basis and we are frequently reaching the limit of our three.js expertise and it is blocking progress. We are looking for a part-time paid mentor to help the team.

The minimum asks as a paid mentor:

  • checkin call weekly or every other week
  • flexible for time for video call checkin but needs to be in Pacific time zone working hours
  • async work in addition to checkins: code review, replying to issues, commenting on PRs
  • type of feedback we are looking for: suggestions on possible ways to tackle a problem or corrections to a proposed solution, suggesting architecture, providing guidance to technical artists

This is a self-funded project with no expectation of a profit or equity like traditional startup. We propose to hire you on a contract basis for $1,000 USD per month with a suggested 3-month trial. We estimate a skilled three.js expert will spend 1-4 hours per week on these asks. We intend for this to be market hourly rate, please let us know if you have different expectations.

Here are some examples of very specific issues:

No tickets but other issues:

  • low framerate when all characters in scene are walking via gltf animation
  • high number of draw calls