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For Developers

This is documentation for developers and contributors to 3DStreet. It includes links to all of the source code of 3DStreet as well as instructions on how to leverage 3DStreet components in your own applications.

3DStreet Repositories

3DStreet is made up of 4 key repositories:

NameRepository & EndpointDescription
Core Parser & ViewerGitHub: 3DStreet/3dstreet
A-Frame app to create 3D entities from 3DStreet scene file or Streetmix API response. Also creates basic environment and viewer controls.
EditorGitHub: 3DStreet/3dstreet-editor
React-based interactive scene graph browser, interactive editor, and entity component property editor.
AssetsGitHub: 3DStreet/3dstreet-assets-source
GitHub: 3DStreet/3dstreet-assets-dist
All original source files for 3DStreet 3D models including Blender source code as well as converted output for distribution.
Docs & WebsiteGitHub: 3DStreet/3dstreet-docs
This documentation site as well as index page.

Future docs topics

  • Contributing for Developers (for Kieran)
    • Architecture
    • Repositories
    • Contributing Instructions (issue, PR, testing, etc.)